• Create bonds for youth with older mentors and parents that they look up to and want to emulate.

  • A safe space where youth can get answers to their questions and learn practical tools for how to maintain their Islamic identity and positively influence others.

  • Grow bonds of companionship to our youth which is essential to strengthen our community.

  • Coaches /leaders inter-generational bonding that builds trust and friendship outside of our youth’s family dynamics

  • Life skills and challenges that will groom our youth to become responsible and confident.

  • Learn how to benefit the community by practicing the art of giving and volunteering.

  • Excitement, Fun, Excursions, and Sports to create strong bodies and to develop perseverance and life balance.

  • To strengthen our youth’s attachment to their Deen and get to know the character of our Prophet ( صلى الله عليه و سلم )

  • to enable our youth to find new Muslim friends and build a healthy environment where they can thrive

  • To enable our youth to grow into responsible good Muslims and model citizens.

  • To bring all the different Bay area Muslim communities together

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The SRVIC Youth Club working together to change the nation through.