Quran camp

This is an annual program that we host during the month of Ramadan. We read Quran in the last 10 days of Ramadan, prepare for Eid gift exchange, and have spiritual and physical activities to help younger kids and pre-teens make the most out of Ramadan spiritually through an engaging learning experience.

The Quran Bootcamp is a relaxed and informal way to engage with reading Quran where the youth get help to improve their recitation and also help those who haven’t read the Quran for some time but want to start reading again in a very encouraging and positive environment.

Join us in the blessed month of Ramadan to re-establish your connection with the Quran like never before.

– Classes will include reminders and Ramadan related advice to make the most of the month.

– Memorization tips will be given along with extensive feedback for those aspiring to learn and improve on their recitation.